“Major new voices don’t come along often. This is one.”

Michael Marshall Smith, author of Intruders


“T.E. Grau has that special touch that leaves part of a reader trapped inside his tales, and that’s always a sign that others should proceed, wide-eyed, into these stories. For me, he’s right up there with the best new generation of horror writers.”

Adam Nevill, author of Under a Watchful Eye


“T.E. Grau is writing the good stuff. Get some.”

—  Victor LaValle, author The Ballad of Black Tom


“T.E. Grau’s writing is dynamic and vital and reinforces the notion that the 2000s and 2010s are a high water mark in the tradition of horror and the weird.”

Laird Barron, author of Swift To Chase


“There is a crucial difference that sets Grau’s writing apart from the grandfathers of the weird tale. He is cognizant of the cultural assumptions and short cuts his characters indulge in. The racism and the misogyny that can make reading Lovecraft and Howard such a vexing experience are replaced here by a cultural self-awareness that forever eluded those writers. You’ll find those traits in some of the characters, to be sure; Grau is too honest a writer to engage in the wish fulfillment of a truly democratic depiction of the world. But… the author refuses to relegate anyone to a caricature. Everyone bears the weight of a life. In this way, he is the writer I wish Lovecraft and Howard could have been.”

Nathan Ballingrud, author of North American Lake Monsters


“T.E. Grau’s stories range across time and space, from Victorian-era London to contemporary Los Angeles, from America’s western frontier to the bohemian gatherings of Beat-inflected San Francisco.  In prose elegant and engaging, he details the lives of men and women, children and adults, who have arrived at places where the world they know peels away to reveal another, darker place.  It is a place where childhood fairy tales converge with stories of things older still, where the history we know is a mask for things better left concealed.  Grau’s attention to character makes their discovery of this other place resonate long after each story is done.”

John Langan, author of The Fisherman


“T.E. Grau’s odd, edgy stories shine a new light into the dark corners of human experience. These stories shine with smart prose, clever – often quirky – insights, and enough weirdness to make any genre fan froth at the mouth with glee.”

Gary McMahon, author of  Pretty Little Dead Things


“Some authors become contemporary favorites of mine on the merits of only a story or two. Such was the case with T. E. Grau… Even as a relative newcomer, he’s writing stories that can stand tall alongside those of much more established writers of modern weird fiction. His stories are sometimes tragic, sometimes blackly humorous, often cast a probing gaze at society, and may very well do all these things within the borders of a single tale.”

Jeffrey Thomas, author of Punktown


“Grau has an uncanny way of turning seemingly ‘straight’ literary stories odd/weird on a dime.”

Christopher Irvin, author of Safe Inside the Violence


“The horrors Grau describes are… diverse, encompassing ghosts, monsters, and existential despair. Perhaps most notable of all is Grau’s willingness to engage the all-too-human problems of cruelty and brutality, with the lyrical qualities of his prose providing a startling and effective counterpoint. Thrilling and memorable.”

Daniel Mills, author of The Lord Came at Twilight


“Grau is one of the great horror writers working today, and his collection represents some of the best dark fiction out there.”

Christopher Slatsky, author of Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales


“T.E Grau is not just a new, exciting voice in weird fiction, he is THE defining voice of the new generation.”

— Benoît Lelièvre, creator of Dead End Follies


“Henceforth, when I consider ‘literary horror’ or ‘contemporary weird fiction,’ I will think of T. E. Grau. Grau is an aesthetic genius, a master of literary craft; he sculpts beautiful grotesqueries with the English language. He is Bosch. Lovecraft. Ligotti. No—those that have come before, those people walking in the waking world we know–their names do not do justice to these tales. Grau isn’t Lovecraft, Grau is Richard Upton Pickman.”

Spencer Hughes, author of No Grave


“The shadows evoked by T.E. Grau have teeth, and they shall endure.”

Richard Gavin, author of Sylvan Dread


I Am The River: A Novel

Nominated for the 2018 Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a First Novel

They Don’t Come Home Anymore: A Novella

Winner of Dark Muse Award for Best Novella of 2016

The Nameless Dark: A Collection

Finalist for the 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for Single-Author Collection

La oscuridad innombrable

Spanish Ed. of The Nameless Dark - “El aullador” ("The Screamer") named Finalist for 2019 Ignotus Award (Spanish Hugo) for Best Foreign Story

Je suis le fleuve

French Edition of I Am The River, available January 9, 2020 from Sonatine Editions.

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